Experiential learning that
addresses local environmental

Eden Environmental Clubs

Eden partners with local schools and neighborhoods to facilitate our custom-designed environmental education curriculum aimed at teaching basic environmental science and cultivating better conservation practices at the household level.

Eden Club challenges students to become responsible global citizens by focusing on relevant environmental education issues and tackling practical projects that protect and restore the student's local environment.  We demonstrate technologies for more sustainable living to inspire students to bring these changes to their own communities.

"The more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think the same is true of human beings."

Eden Environmental Club offers students experiential environmental education

Eden has written sixteen weeks of specially designed lessons directly relevant to childrens' daily lives, using Kenyan heroines like Wangari Maathai as models. The foundation of Eden’s curriculum centers on experiential learning activities.

Many schools in Kenya do not have access to environmental science curriculum. Eden Club fills this gap by teaching about ecological systems in a fun, hands-on way so children receive the scientific knowledge they need to base future environmental choices.

Eden believes that genuine learning comes through experience

Listen in as this excited Club member shares what she's learned because of Eden!

All over Kenya, there are students like Philomena who love science and nature and would benefit from being part of Eden Club. Every club requires two facilitators and curriculum books. Would you consider donating to help Eden support more inspiring students like Philomena?

Every school, community or church we've had the privilege of working in, loved Eden Club so much they have asked us to help facilitate it in new areas. We would absolutely love to say yes! However, expanding to new locations requires printing new materials, training new facilitators and sending them all over Kenya! That requires new financial support. But we promised them we would try and are super excited to target new areas with your help.