Cultivating childrens'
potential to thrive in
harmony with their
natural environment

Life-Transforming Environmental Education

Our camp program offers vulnerable children a wilderness campout they might otherwise never be privileged enough to experience. Eden's skilled facilitators open a child's eyes to the natural world and the presence of the sacred. Children participate in forest hikes, boat rides, safari walks, and team-building activities. Through discovery learning, childrens' attitudes and behaviors towards their environment are transformed, enabling them to live more sustainably on earth.

Our goal is to honor each child's dignity, cultivating their potential to flourish and live in spiritual, relational, and natural harmony.

"The journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes."
Marcel Proust

Children are all naturally curious, but are not all equally privileged.

Eden Environmental Camp is offered year-round to vulnerable children and youth who live in childrens' homes, informal settlements and rural villages.

Once at Eden Camp, children breath fresh mountain air, explore the forests of Kenya, ride next to hippos on Lake Naivasha, walk with giraffes on Crescent Island, plant indigenous trees, sleep in tents and sleeping bags for the first time, and interact with role models who have dedicated their lives to the holistic flourishing of land and lives.

We want every child to feel special with the opportunity for individual discovery, so we intentionally keep our camp groups small and intimate.

Eden believes that discovery inspires wonder and ignites growth.

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  • Eden Eco-Camp is also available to private groups for camping. Please contact to inquire about availability and rates. Team-building, hikes, birdwatching, and other eco-activities available.

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Eden Thriving Needs a Permanent Campsite

Currently Eden Camp is operated on borrowed land. Our goal is to purchase land to be able to set up a permanent campsite where sustainability of our mission is guaranteed and more children will be privileged to experience camp.

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