Thriving holistically requires
transforming passion into tangible action

Partners are people who care, contribute and co-create.

Eden harnesses people's passion for equitable global thriving and channels it into tangible action to cultivate thriving land and lives. 

We can’t do this alone. Whether you are a local community member or an international contributor, you can be part of cultivating thriving lives and flourishing landscapes. Join us as we forge long term relationships, listen deeply, build connections and trust, and cultivate people’s potential to thrive.

Eden Partners In Growth

Get Involved with Eden Thriving

No matter where you live, you can become a co-creator with Eden Thriving!

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tree hug
group of boys with bins
EdenThriving - Conservation (two girls planting a tree)

Volunteers can visit Eden to help with camps, clubs, and other ecological projects.  We offer internships to students studying a range of subjects.  Teachers and consultants lend their expertise to our teams and programs.

Contact Eden

You can spread the word about what we’re doing in many ways.

  • Share Eden’s story with your friends and family
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Host an informational event
  • Subscribe to (and share) our newsletter and follow our social media channels

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Your donation to Eden can help us achieve many different things!

  • Support a student to attend Eden Club
  • Send a child to Eden Camp
  • Plant and nurture tree seedlings
  • Recycle Plastic and Empower Women

Donate to Eden

Eden will plant a tree or 100s of trees on your behalf. Just donate $10 for every tree you would like to plant and nurture. We can even arrange for you to "be there" virtually at our next tree planting event! Just contact Eden to set up a time!

Donate to Plant a Tree