Cultivating thriving lives
and flourishing landscapes

Eden Thriving is Cultivating the Potential of Land and Lives

With compassion and creativity, Eden Thriving is addressing the environmental roots of poverty and biodiversity loss, reconnecting people to the life-giving relationship between land and lives.


We believe that discovery inspires wonder and ignites growth. When we awaken curiosity, we can envision new ways to flourish and live in harmony with one another, the Divine, and the earth.


We recognize that our environment brings us all together. We facilitate unity among communities around the common goal of continuously rejuvenating land and lives. Lasting transformation happens when individuals work toward the good of all.


We aim to restore the natural harmony between people and the earth. Our creative approach to environmental education equips both hands and hearts to live sustainably.

Eden Thriving's Programs

Eden Thriving facilitates creative programs that reconnect people to the life-giving potential of their land and encourage people to interact with their environment in a restoring way.

Environmental Camps
Environmental Clubs
Eco-Champion Membership
Ecological Restoration
Thriving Requires Partnership

No One Thrives Alone

Thriving holistically requires each one of us to get involved. Whether you are a local community member or an international contributor, your participation in cultivating thriving lives and flourishing landscapes is essential!