Eden Poem

Many of us have special spaces in nature that we have grown to know intimately and love deeply. For me that space is a piece of land above my house in Naivasha, Kenya. I call her Eden. She was a wild place full of trees, grasses, birds and wild animals. A river flows along her border and huge volcanic rocks dot her fields. One day a developer began bulldozing her to make a golf course. He died before finishing and left sweet Eden torn up and wounded. I longed to be able to buy her, redeem her and tend her wounds. The bank reclaimed her and put her up on auction. I felt so helpless and wept for her future. Out of my brokenheartedness I wrote this poem as a prayer. Imagine our beautiful earth, the archetypal ‘Eden’, and pray for her with me, will you?

Eden by Miriam Cochrane Smith

Her name is Eden,

Her beauty renowned.

A necklace of diamonds sparkles as it flows down and around her neck,

the light dancing joyfully over each droplet.

         Have you met her?

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Eden Poem