Reclaim destroyed wilderness
along Malewa River in Kenya.

Your donation is critical
to restoring this cherished land.

A message from Miriam Smith, Eden Thriving's founding director

Thank you so much for visiting our site!  Since 2010, Eden Thriving has been actively involved in environmental education and landscape restoration in communities along the Malewa River in Kenya. We experienced heartache when a golf course developer destroyed 1000 acres of wilderness, devastating the topsoil and displacing wildlife. The project's ultimate failure left the land in ruins.

Eden now has the chance to purchase it for ecological restoration and biodiversity rehabilitation. Your donation is critical to help restore this cherished landscape, revitalising the flora and fauna to its full, flourishing potential.


"We need to see every tree and stone, every bird and fish, every stream and prairie and star with eyes of love and wonder. That's not just a matter of joy and meaning for our individual lives, it's increasingly a matter of survival for our species."
Brian McLaren

Reserve your spot on a soulful journey to Kenya where your generosity will blossom into tangible action. There's no better way to cultivate a deep connection with nature than by rolling up your sleeves and planting trees alongside our dedicated team. Our specially crafted pilgrimage, led by Miriam, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of Eden's restoration efforts. Unlike traditional tourism, you will experience the deep soulfulness of the Kenyan people as you visit local schools, engage with community leaders, and embark on an unforgettable African safari with friends. Click the link below for more details about this soulful adventure.

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Where are the Voices for the Earth?

Where are the Voices for the Earth?

Where are the eyes to see her pain,

wasted by our consuming path,

weeping the tears of poisoned rain?


Sacred the soil that hugs the seed,

sacred the silent fall of snow,

sacred the world that God decreed,

water and sun and river flow. 


Where shall we run who break the code,

where shall tomorrow's children be,

left with the ruined gifts of God,

death for the creatures, land, and sea?


We are the voices for the earth,

we who will care enough to cry,

cherish her beauty, clear her breath,

live that our planet may not die.

(Hymn by Shirley Erena Murray; 1931)

Hope is seeing what is not yet a reality. Eden has hope for abundance and life.

Eden's Vision for the Land

Ecological Restoration

A balanced, healthy ecosystem provides crucial resources for the well-being of all living beings. These resources include healthy soil, clean water, rich biodiversity, flowing rivers, and stable seasonal patterns. By caring for the environment, we demonstrate love and responsibility towards nature and our fellow human beings.

Expanding Habitats

Many local species face extinction due to habitat loss. The relentless demand for human settlements, agriculture, and commercial ventures has significantly impacted biodiversity. By restoring landscapes and safeguarding ecosystems, we create sanctuaries where species can thrive and find their rightful home.


Land ownership creates sustainability for Eden by enabling us to host private, paying groups for outdoor education, adventure programming, team-building and more. It also empowers Eden's Eco-Champions with employment, as they will lead many of these activities. Join us in fostering self-sufficiency!

Sustainable Solutions

Eden envisions creating an educational and research hub, empowering communities for sustainable living. Here, we'll showcase grassroots sustainable solutions like keyhole gardens, biogas, solar cooking, and renewable energy demonstrations. Join us in fostering sustainable practices.