Enhancing the capacity of women
and youth to become economically
independent ecopreneurs.

The Recycling Center is a
women-led social enterprise
that has increased women's
monthly income by 70%

The Naivasha Recycling and Empowerment Centre (REC) provides employment to vulnerable women in a safe space where they sort out plastic waste, grind it into flakes and sell to plastic manufacturing companies.

Across Africa, women are disproportionately affected by unsustainable, unhealthy, environmental practices. Eden deliberately empowers women and girls because we recognise the role they play in managing natural resources.


In Kenya, women are the first victims of environmental degradation, because they are the ones who walk for hours looking for water, who fetch firewood, who provide food for their families.

Wangari Maathai

Trash, or 'taka taka' in Kiswahili, does not need to pollute our environment!

Eden Thriving supports jobless youth to create innovative eco-friendly products and services which provide real solutions to local problems while restoring the land and improving livelihoods.

Eden co-founder, Kym Arensen, designed a waste management solution that turns trash into beautiful and useful structures. Trash that cannot be turned into plastic flakes, can become beautiful Taka Taka benches, buildings, or sheds.


Recycling plastic supports women and cleans the environment.

Clean the Environment. Empower Women. Educate Youth.

When you give to Eden's Ecopreneurship Program you are accomplishing all three of these in one easy donation!

Eden’s mission of cultivating thriving lives and flourishing landscapes is directly and irrevocably tied to economic empowerment. An economically empowered community has voice and power and vulnerable women and girls have much to contribute.

Since the Recycling Center was initiated in late 2020, more than 105 metric tonnes of plastic have been recycled, 270 students have learned experientially at the REC and women have seen a 70% increase in their monthly income.

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